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Next Level Solutions Provides Resources at All Levels to Let You Focus on Where Your Business Needs You Most

Take any 100 entrepreneurs at the beginning of their business journey. They all have high hopes, dreams, visions and ideas.

Over the next 5 years 80% of their businesses will fail.

The 5 years after that will eliminate 80% of the remaining businesses, leaving 4 with operational businesses of those original 100.

That’s 4% successful, 96% unsuccessful.

This leads any clever entrepreneur to ask:

What’s going to make my business successful?

The answer is obvious. Businesses don’t often fail because of a lack of commitment or hard work from the founder. (In fact, they often work too hard). They fail because there’s something wrong in one of the business systems.

There’s some small cancer, which, if left untreated will corrupt and destroy the whole entity.

You wouldn’t try to cure cancer yourself, by doing more of what you were already doing, would you? No. Doing so would be suicide.

Yet this is the route many business owners take. They double their effort, and work overtime doing the same things they’ve always done. If you need surgery, you’d trust a surgeon. If you need chemotherapy, you’d trust a chemotherapist that was under the direction of an oncologist.

If you need to assess and improve the health of your business, trust Next Level

Hey, we’re Chris, Shawn and Todd. All three of us were operating individual businesses before we merged into one entity: Next Level Solutions.

Our companies would:

  • Solve IT issues with brains rather than just spending the client’s money
  • Come up with IT solutions rather than “just replacing everything”
  • Help businesses contain costs and streamline operations
  • Serve as a contract CFO with a technology and operations perspective


As our businesses grew, we began to experience some of the same problems our clients were facing. We all struggled with the areas of our businesses that were outside of our respective areas of expertise.


We ran into each other at clients’ offices and referred business to each other. Then, we discussed what it would be like if we were one entity. We realized we would each be able to do what we do best and offload the rest to more qualified people – essentially the same service we offer you.


Eliminating our bottlenecks, focusing on our core competencies, and serving our clients together has allowed us to be successful and grow our company. Let us do the same for you. We have the experience and the knowledge to help get your business to the Next Level.


Just between the three of us we have over 60 years of experience as business owners and entrepreneurs. Over the years we’ve had the privilege of providing a wide range of solutions for an incredibly diverse group of businesses. That has equipped us to operate efficiently, and we have learned best practices from multiple industries. We’ve taken that knowledge and developed systems and processes that are applicable to all industries.

You know your business systems make or break your success as a business owner.


As we’ve worked with different businesses and industries, we’ve realized that having a fresh set of eyes to look at your systems is as crucial to the health of your business as regular checkups are from your doctor. In fact, it’s the main thing that separates the 4% of successful businesses from the failures that “almost made it.”


What measures are you taking to ensure that your business is running efficiently and in the most profitable fashion? Do you currently have a team of experienced professionals working with you to optimize and grow your business? If not, contact us now for your free consultation.

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