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Frequently asked questions

In what industries is Next Level Solutions experienced?

For a complete review of our experience, go to the about page to see each individual’s history.  In short, we have experience in the following industries: Insurance, Transportation, Crane & Rigging, Logistics, Non-Profits, Professional Service Firms, Industrial Companies, Entertainment, Internet, Food, and Financial Services.

How expensive is it to engage Next Level Solutions?

In every engagement, it is our goal to provide a return to our clients for the investment in our services.  Bill rates for our professional resources range from $50 per hour to $150 per hour depending on the services provided.  If we perform an initial assessment, it is not unusual to proceed with either a fixed fee or an hourly engagement depending on the project plan and scope of work.

Are all services billed hourly?

No.  We can give a fixed fee proposal if the client chooses.  Also, several of our IT offerings are at a set price per month for managed services.  See the systems management plan page for details about managed services.

In what ways can you help us improve our use of technology?

In addition to solving IT problems and challenges, we focus on maintaing the health of your IT infrastructure to ensure smooth and efficient operation of your business.

Is there a long term contract involved?

It depends on the service we are providing, but in general we will engage most clients without a time-bound contract.  There is a general agreement between parties, and we can structure something long-term or on an as-needed basis.