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Tailored Services

Our team has experience in every aspect of business. When we created Next Level Solutions, the idea was to be able to provide small to mid-sized businesses with a buffet of services that could completely support their entire business. So, whatever it is that you sell, we have the capacity and ability to handle every other aspect of your business for you if you want us to.

  • You just need a company to handle your IT needs only – no problem.
  • You just need a bookkeeper – no problem.
  • You have an entire department that needs to be turned around – no problem.
  • You purchased software that you have not been able to implement successfully – no problem.
  • You need someone to help with taxes and finances – no problem.
  • Capital forecasting, ROI analysis, breakeven analysis, costing tools – no problem
  • Starting to get the picture?


Contact us today to get the ball rolling. We’re easy to talk to and understand what it’s like to operate a small to mid-sized business. Why? Because we’ve done it. The appropriate Senior Partner will visit with you in person initially at no cost to you, so you can interact with us to determine if we deserve to be on your team or not.

If you decide to take the next step, we will provide you with a proposal for an initial assessment of your current situation. Initial assessments can be specific to one area of your business or encompass all areas. That’s up to you. Click here to see the variety of services we offer and get a feel for how we may be able to help.

The initial assessment process requires several interviews with you and your team members at which time we ask lots of questions and gather information. We will ask for subject-appropriate information that we will use in our presentation. ​Once we have compiled all of the data, we present our team’s overall assessment of your business. This assessment will outline the current state, a proposed state, and include the steps necessary to get your business to the Next Level.

The cost of the initial assessment varies greatly depending on what we are assessing; however, in general, the cost will range from $4000 – $7500. Of course, if we are allowed the opportunity to visit with you in person, we will be able to provide a specific proposal tailored for your business.

CFO, COO, CIO Resources

We provide CFO, COO, and CIO resources for small to medium-sized businesses that need executive level help but aren’t ready to hire a full-time employee. Contact us to schedule an assessment.

We offer back office support to small to mid-sized businesses in several areas.
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