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How to Take the Pain Out Of Running Your Business

You didn’t start a company to remain a slave, did you?

Yet here you are. Overwhelmed. Overloaded. Overworked.

When something needs to be done this minute, you do it. You’re deeply involved in the day to day technical issues of your business.

You want to delegate, but you don’t want to lose control. Or maybe you’re the only one who can get the job done right.

Plus, who has time to properly train another person to do things right?

If this sounds familiar, we have news for you:

If You Want Your Business to Grow, You Have to Let Go

We get it. Your business is your baby. You’re the one with the vision and desire to build a great company, but you don’t have to be the one running all of it.

We want to help you.

Your role as a founder is to bring in new customers, set high standards for your business, hold your employees accountable to those high standards and manage with precision and purpose. Your role is not to put out fires or manage day-to-day technical issues.

We are honest, experienced and knowledgeable professionals with over 60 years of combined business experience.

We offer a buffet of services you can use al a carte, or for a unique employment alternative that enables you to get access to multiple skillsets for the cost of one employee.

We empower you to delegate without giving up control. To have a new executive level employee, without the hassle of training someone new. (And you’ll never have to worry if we’ll get the job done right.)

Here Are 15 Ways We Can Make Your Business Better and Easier

Give you a fully managed IT department, or provide a one-time quick fix so you and your employees can get your jobs done.
Analyze and assess your corporate culture and operational efficiency, then put boots on the ground in your business and work side-by-side to streamline and optimize your workflows.
Help you discover the financial health of your organization and show you how to get rid of redundancy and waste.
Fill the gaps in your resources and skills so you can obtain operational efficiency.
Use brains, experience and talent to solve IT problems, rather than just suggesting you replace everything.
Free you to focus on calling two new potential customers daily so you can grow your business.
Implement software you purchased, but haven’t set up yet.
Track customer issues and improve your help-desk management, so your customers will be taken care of swiftly and effectively every time.
Monitor networks, equipment and performance to make your IT management a breeze.
Perform regular backups, anti-virus and spam filtering for your entire network so you know your information is safe and secure.
Analyze your workflows and develop processes to increase your operational efficiency up to 200%
Overhaul an entire underperforming department. (We enjoy big challenges)
Give you insightful and accurate financial data (that enables you to forecast and budget), key metric monitoring, and payroll/benefits administration.
Completely set up all the systems and infrastructures a new startup needs. (And do it right)
Give you access to a higher skill level worker than you could afford to hire permanently. Plus much more. Starting to get the picture?

We Free You From Working IN Your Business So You Can Work ON It Again

We have extensive experience in Insurance, Transportation, Crane & Rigging, Logistics, Non-Profits, Professional Service Firms, Industrial Companies, Entertainment, Internet, Food, and Financial Services.

Through our combined 60 years of experience and starting and building our own businesses, we’ve realized that all business are the same. There’s your product or service and then there are the tasks and projects you need to pursue to grow and earn more profit.

Whatever your widget is, we allow you to make it, and we handle the rest. We can help a little, or a lot, depending on your needs.

As you’re quite aware, your business won’t grow without working on the systems.

Our experience with hundreds of entrepreneurs has shown us that most entrepreneurs try to do all this work on their own. They overload themselves and don’t delegate “important tasks.”

What measures are you taking to ensure your systems are efficient and improving?

Are you currently using loyal, innovative and knowledgeable professionals to find and fix the gaps you can’t fill?

If not, we need to talk immediately.